5 Best Apps for Study Planning [2020]

You are a student and want to do study effectively by managing time then this post for you. In this post, I will tell you 5 best apps for study Planning.

I know that It is very hard to plan and do the study when I have Extra classes, sports, and other activities. So I used the study planner app and I saw an increase in Grades, Teacher calling me a scholar.

It is possible because I plan my Study well and that’s why when I sit for study then I can’t distract from unwanted things.

When you plan your Study timetable or schedule your study then you know that what you want to do in the next 3 hours, and you will do things easily.

You can plan your study by writing it on the paper but I have a better idea for this, you can use your or your parent’s smartphone for planning your study.

Here I gave a list of best apps for Study Planning and I also give an example of one app where I teach How to use the Study Planning app?

First I provide a list then You can get a full proof guide for using a Study Planning App.

Best Apps for Study Planning for Students

Let’s start and which app will help you to get marks in your exam. You only need to follow the schedule you have created.

1. Easy Study

It is the first app in our list of best apps for Study Planning, this is a very popular and trusted app for Study Planning. Creating a Study Plan in the Easy Study app is very easy, you can create an awesome study plan in just three clicks.

Here the steps for creating your study plan in the Easy Study app.

  • Step 1 – Enter the subjects
  • Step 2 – Select how many subjects you want to study each day and confirm the plan.
  • Step 3 – The app creates a study plan with the subject, just follow the plan.

Easy Study also has some features that help you a lot while studying.

  • Plan which subject you need to study every day
  • You can add other activities list after each study session
  • You can see the history of how many hours you study in a day, week or month
  • Plan how many subjects you want to study every day

Some features only work when you subscribed to the Easy Study app. But my suggestion is to use the normal version because you get enough features with a free app that will create an awesome Study plan.

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2. Todait

Todait - Smart study planner
Todait - Smart study planner

Todait is the second app in our list plan for your study for exams. It is also a very popular Study management app and many students get good results by using this app. This app will help you to manage 100% of your time in exam days and normal days also. It has the same working model as the Easy Study app.

Here are other features of Todait App.


  • Automatic distribution help you plan your study very effectively
  • Automatic plan adjustment check whether you ahead of or back from the plan
  • Inbuilt stopwatch helps you to manage time for each subject
  • You can use the application without going to the main application by using Widgets.
  • It gives feedback to you according to how much you follow the study schedule
  • Inbuilt graphical progress Study Trend graph
  • Inbuilt alarm to remind you to next study hour
  • See your all tasks in simple checklist form
  • Lockout mode for stop distracting from unwanted notifications

3 . Smart Study Plan

Smart Study Plan
Smart Study Plan
Developer: Intelectin
Price: Free+

It’s our fifth app in our list to manage your study time. This is also very popular because it has 100k+ downloads on the play store. This app won the INOVAPPS challenge in Brazil. It also works like the above apps just different UI and some extra features.

As you know managing study is an important task in today’s time. If you want to get good marks in the exam then you should need a solid study plan of study and time. Creating an awesome study plan is hard but now by using a smart Study Plan, you will able to create the best study plan.

The Smart Study Plan app uses AI for creating a Study plan according to your education and time. You just need to add which courses you have to study and also you need to add which time you free and want to study. And then it generates an awesome study plan.

You don’t need to register or purchase just purchase the app and you can use this app for free.

4. My Study Life

It is the fourth app on our list and it is the most downloaded app on our list. It has 1 Million+ downloads on the Play Store. This app is developed for planning study and other works for students and teachers.

This app makes study easier to do, you can store your classes, homework and exam timetable. It stores all data on the cloud so you can easily access it on any other device. Using a paper and pen write down your study timetable is an old school method, now this is a new era of technology where digital devices can do things very well.

The My Study Life app is totally optimized for the students who want to study well. This app actually helps you create your routine for a day or week. And remind when a new task gets.


  • You can track your all tasks like homework, assignments
  • All data is a store at cloud so you can access anywhere
  • You can easily store your exams
  • Fully customizable routine
  • Manage your classes by adding them to your task

5. Study Planner

Study Planner
Study Planner
Developer: moustapha AI
Price: Free+

It is our fifth app on our list and it’s will also help you to manage your study timetable easily. It also has 100k+ downloads on to play store. This app is like a diary with a calendar, you just need to add your task.

In this app all is set, like time blocks are created where you can add your study tasks and later this app will remind you the which subject you have to study. You can also add an exam timetable it will remind you of the exam date and time when you forget.

By using this app you can manage all other tasks like your college projects, daily routine, exercise timetable, etc.

If you want the best Study Planning app and want to manage other tasks also then it is the best app for you.

How to create your great Study Plan in 2020

Best Apps for Study Planning

Creating an awesome study plan is very easy and every student and parents can easily create it with the above Study Planning Apps.

You just need to know about how much time you left in a day or week and how many subjects you need to study according to your priorities.

Follow the below steps to create your Super Study Plan:

  • First, you need to check which subjects you have to study first
  • The second step is to check how much time you get after schooling, college, and extra classes
  • The third step is to add your subjects and time in the study planning app.
  • The fourth step is to prioritize your subjects in the app.
  • The fifth step is to follow the study plan

These are the five full-proof steps to create a super study plan and after following these steps you will good marks in exam or crack competitive exams and another exam. And you can learn other extra skills in free Time.


This is the best apps for Study Planning and I am sure you will like this app and you can use these apps to increase your study time.

You can also create a study plan or timetable manually but it is hard to carry, in today’s world everyone has a mobile phone or their parent’s mobile.

If you use this app then you can able to get good marks and your parents will be happy.

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