10 Best Apps to Hide Apps for Android/iPhone [2020]

Today privacy is everything and for protecting your privacy you need the best apps to Hide apps and here we have these apps.

Today we have a very interesting list of apps, which will help you to hide your private data on your mobile. In the twentieth century, privacy is the most important thing.

So, If you want to hide apps, Hide photos and videos then this article will help you. In future privacy getting more important that’s why you have to start protecting your privacy.

Today we are going to discuss 10 apps that will help you to hide apps, photos, and videos with the strong security, because of this app you can share your mobile device with your friends and family.

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Best Apps to Hide Apps for Android and iPhone

1 . App Hider (Android/ iPhone)

This is our first best app to hide photos, images, videos, and other files insecure way. This app does not require root to give awesome features and I think this is best. In this app, you can hide apps, photos, videos with Z level security. This app also has a fake interface that means the app looks like a calculator by outside but inside it keeps your secrets. Another feature this app provides is dual apps this means you can use dual social media accounts in one mobile.

2 . Dialer Vault (Android/ iPhone)

Dialer Lock-AppHider 🙈
Dialer Lock-AppHider 🙈

This is the second app on our list and it is an awesome app to hide Apps. As you know these apps use the fake interface of the phone dialer to protect your data. Also, this app can hide photos, videos and in this also you can use dual apps. This app is very similar to the above one because this app also developed by the same developer but it used the new concept of the dialer.

3 . App Lock Fingerprint (Android/ iPhone)

As the name suggests it uses the latest technologies to hide the photos, apps, and videos from others. It helps to protect your data from data thieves, it comes with the powerful lock features to hide Apps and give you freedom of privacy. It also captures the photo when multiple login attempts make.

4 . App Hider (Android/ iPhone)

This is the another best App to hide Apps and protect your data. It has to made for only hide Apps and it is very powerful and best. In this app, you get two fake interfaces Calculator and Dialer to avoid the attention of others and password secured Vault and a powerful app cloner with parallel space.

5 . Hide App App Hider Premium (Android/ iPhone)

Hide App, App Hider Premium
Hide App, App Hider Premium
Developer: The Tree Team
Price: Free+

It is the fifth app to secure your apps from being a spy and this gives freedom of privacy. It also allows only Apps with a powerful security password feature. The best thing I like is it’s UI you get awesome user experience and also it has a fake calculator interface for low attention.

6 . Notepad Vault (Android/ iPhone)

Notepad Vault-AppHider
Notepad Vault-AppHider

As the name suggests this is complete Vault to hide Apps, photos and videos and the Dual space mode to give Independence of using two accounts on phone. As the name suggests it has a fake notepad interface and icon to hide from spyers because no one can know you can hide the photos in the Notepad

7 . Hide app – Hide App Icon (Android/ iPhone)

This is our eighth app in our list of best apps to hide Apps. It is a very simple app with a simple interface but can protect your apps bravely, as I said it only hides Apps but we give it second position because of too many downloads and best reviews. This app only protects your Apps from others but not photos or videos. If you want to Hide Apps with photos and videos then go for the first one and if you want to hide only apps then this is powerful.


This is very important to keep your data only for yourself don’t let anyone steal your privacy for this you need some apps that can hide data from others like in public places you don’t want anyone to see your data but in this world, everyone wants to see others what doing.

For that protecting privacy is important and that’s why we give this list of Best Apps to Hide Apps for you.

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