Top 5 Best Foreign Language Learning Apps.

Best Foreign Language Learning Apps: If you are here to find the best apps for a foreign language then this post is for you. 

In today’s date, the world gets closer to the internet and the market also increasing at the international level. Students are going to another country for taking an education. And in the 21st century learning a new language is very important.

Before we dive into choosing the best app first we learn how to choose a foreign language to learn.

How to choose Foreign language to Learn?

How to choose Foreign language to Learn?

If you are a student and preparing for a career then you have to choose between two languages for learning.

If you’re an Employee or Businessman then there some language that is very important to learn.

And if you are learning New foreign language only for knowledge then I have some foreign language which is best to learn.

Start from students…

Best foreign language for Students

If you are a student, I might be sure you want to take a higher education or going to another country for a career.

And all know that the best country for taking higher education like the United States, Russia, Japan, Australia, France, etc.

So you need to learn the local language of these countries. But in my opinion, you must learn the Japanese and Spanish languages.

Best Foreign-language for Employees or Businesses Man

There are some foreign languages that are very important to learn if you want to do a successful international business.

In international business, some country clients are very important to develop the business and gain respect in the market.

Some of these countries are Japan, France, Korea, Israel, etc. This is some countries and their local country languages are very demanding in the market.

Because in my country who had learned the Japanese language is a plus point for that employee.

Best Foreign Language learning Apps

Below we give a list of 5 best apps that can teach you any foreign language in One Month.

Let’s start the list…

1 . Duolingo

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
Developer: Duolingo
Price: Free+

This is the most popular app for learning any foreign language for Free. I also used this app and after a month I learned the German Language.

On Duolingo you can learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh and English languages for free.

They help you to improve your skills like Reading, Speaking, listening and writing. Here you want to give an answer so your vocabulary and grammar should also improve.

Some words from Respected companies…

“Far and away from the best language-learning app.” —The Wall Street Journal

“Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education.” —TIME Magazine

“Among apps for learning a language, you can’t beat Duolingo.” —PC Magazine.

Also, this app is Editor’s Choice by Google. And it has 100+ millions of Downloads.

So you can trust and after using this app you will learn at least one language.

2. Learn Languages with Memrise

After the Duolingo I will suggest this foreign language learning app.

This is the place where you learn Languages with fun from anywhere.

On Memrise you learn Languages like Learn Spanish, Mexican Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Chinese, German, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Turkish, Dutch or even learn English. 

In Memrise local people will help you to learn the language.

A variety of best interactive language and vocabulary games for you to learn Skills: Speed Reading, Listening, Difficult Words, Classic Review.

The best thing you can get is the Pronunciation guide which will help you to  Speak like a local by using recordings and comparing your pronunciation voice with native speakers.

Also, an important feature is that you can learn a foreign language Offline also.

3. Learn 50 Languages

Learn 50 languages
Learn 50 languages
Developer: 50LANGUAGES LLC
Price: Free+

If you want to learn 50 different foreign languages then this app will help you.

On this app, you can learn your favorite language which will help you to improve your skills and your career.

Learn 50 Languages app provides 100 lessons of every language which can improve your vocabulary in any language.

After learning from this app you will be able to speak short sentences very easily in real-world situations.

In This app two types are used for learning, these types are Audio and Text. This will give an effective method of learning.

50 Languages use a European Framework level A1 to A2, so this is suitable for every type of school and student.

The 100 lessons are very effective so can easily use these languages in various ways like in restaurants, hotels, local areas.

If you want to learn the best language from any languages then you can use this app.

4. Drops: Language Learning

The Drops is a popular foreign language learning app. Because I see this app very much on the internet.

I suggest this app at 4th number because in this app you can learn 35 languages. Which is less than the above Apps.

Best the special teaching is awesome from Drops App. And I very much like the teaching method.

The foreign languages you learn on Drops are Korean, Japanese, Chinese (both Mandarin Chinese & Cantonese Chinese), Spanish (both Castilian Spanish & Latin-American Spanish), English (both American English & British English), French, Finnish, Greek, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese (both European Portuguese & Brazilian Portuguese), Hebrew, Thai,  Arabic, Turkish, Tagalog (Filipino language), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Hungarian, Hindi, Maori, Samoan & Esperanto and Hawaiian!

Just above I say the teaching method is very good they use illustrations and games to teach the language.

Drops offer a complete package for free for normal learners: 5 minutes of sessions give a fast fun learning every day, more than 1700 words in 99 topics that teach more stuff in small sessions.

Especially I suggest this best teaching app because of only the best teaching method.

5. Hello Talk – Chat Speak and Learn

This is also the best app for Android to learn foreign languages in 2019.

In Hello Talk you can practice and Speak the language and also chat with the local users to improve the language logic for fluently speaking.

On Hello Talk you will learn English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, and 100 more foreign languages in one click.

This app connects you to native speakers of every language.

Hello, Talk offers free audio and video calls to practice and improve your communication skills in any language.

On Hello Talk you will learn other special skills like Language translation, transliteration, grammar correction, text to voice, and voice recognition, writing and reading.

I also suggest this app because the features the app provides are different than others.

And the amount of foreign languages provided by this app is very high. So use this app and I am sure you can learn any language.

Why English is the Best Foreign Language to Learn?

If you are leaving on the Planet Earth then English may be the first language you have to learn after your native Languages.

Best English will be the Global language to communicate with another person.

Mostly for communication for business Deals countries are uses the English language.

If you want to travel the entire world then I must suggest English. Because in every country English is Speaking. And some countries have English as their native language.

And in some countries, English is the second priority language after the native language.

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These are some Best Foreign Language Learning apps for Android and all are help you learn something best and knowledgeable.

If you want more people can learn these languages then share this article.

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