Top 5 Best shooting Games in the world for Android.

Top 5 Best shooting Games in the world for Android [Online].

Top 5 Best shooting Games in the world for Android available online is our latest topic. I have many friends and I daily play PUBG mobile game on my mobile with friends and I enjoy this game because of its performance.

Best shooting Games in the world

But in the world, not everyone loves PUBG mobile because of some problems like mobile lagging or someone don’t love PUBG. For those people, I wrote this post and I’m sure you like this post.

Below I share Top 5 Best shooting Games in the world for Android and all are Multiplayer and Online. This five-game are selected by playing and research. And I didn’t select PUBG mobile because this post is for those who want the best alternatives for PUBG mobile.

Top Shooting Games for Android

Here, we gives a list which contains a lots of best shooting Multiplayer Games and this Games are available on play store. Also all the games are lite in size so you can easily play this Games.

Let’s dive into the world of Games.

1 . Garena Free Fire

This is the first game in our list of Best shooting Games in the world for Android. This game is almost the same as PUBG mobile but having some extra features like Auto Aim. The game is very as compared to PUBG. And I played this game on my mobile and like this.

The gameplay of Garena Free fire is awesome and the maps are also very good. This is the best alternative for low specifications mobile because the size of Garena Free Fire is low and the graphics are also good.

Garena free fire shooting Game

Different maps available to play and in the game, you play with 49 others. The Garena Free Fire support 50 players. The game is released on 20 November 2017, and the game size is 399 MB.

2. Modern Strike Online

This second Multiplayer online game in our Best shooting Games in the world for Android. This is something different gameplay than PUBG. The game having 15 maps to play but these maps are small but you still can enjoy this game like PUBG mobile. The Modern Strike online first-person shooter type Game.

Modern strike online shooting Game

In this game more than 70+ weapons available, my favorite weapon in this game is Sniper. The game is not working on Survival so here reply match in the game. Your task in the game is killing enemies and the number of kills gets to win.

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The gameplay and graphics are awesome and I am sure will like this game. In my preference, this is my second favorite game after PUBG. The size of the game is only 327 MB.

3. Code of War: Shooter Online

This is another best Multiplayer shooting Game. We included this game in our list of Best shooting Games in the world for Android because of graphics and the size of the game. The size of the game is only 172 MB.

Code of war best shooting Game in the world

The game can be given a realistic experience with awesome graphics because of lite size anyone can play this game. The weapons are also very best. The code of War provides many different battlefields or maps for gameplay.

I like this game because of graphics and maps. The game size is very small as compared to graphics. The game also provides daily missions, so Download this game from play store.

4. World War Heroes: WW2 Shooter

As the name suggests this another best Multiplayer shooting Game for non PUBG players. The game is based on the World War 2 Events. The game uses a World War 2 theme so you can feel the WW2 time.

Best shooting game 2019

The World War Heroes is available on play store with stunning Graphics. In game hardcore mode is available by using this you experience more realistic graphics. In this game, different vehicles are provided and all weapons which are used in WW2.

The game size is under 500 MB. So you can easily play this game on your mobile. The graphics are stunning so Download it now if you don’t play PUBG mobile.

5. Critical Ops

This is the last game in our list of Best shooting Games in the world for Android. We included this game because of gameplay. The gameplay gives a realistic experience with low graphics. The graphics are not worst but best. The game also uses small maps where players come and fight.

Critical ops best shooting game in world 2019

In game two modes available, in the first mode, two teams are made and which team kill most enemies is won. And in another mode solo playing is there.

The size of the game is 344 MB which is very lite as compare to graphics. Critical Ops is the best game for who don’t play PUBG.

Best Device to Play Shooting Games

In our list we included lite size and medium size Games, you can play this games on any device very easily. But the minimum requirement is important so see below your minimum requirement.

Minimum Requirement:

  1. RAM – 2 GB of minimum RAM
  2. Processor – Mediatek p10 or Snapdragon 200+
  3. Storage – Minimum 8 GB

This is minimum and small Requirement you need to play above shooting Games. We live in the era where this requirement is small.

I am sure you will like this Games it you want some help then comment below I will reply.

Final Words

This games definitely entertain you and also you enjoy this Games. I also play all Games and the my favorite game is Garena Free Fire and Critical Ops. Comment your favorite game name in comment box.

If you like this Games then share this awesome Shooting Games in the world with your friends and family, I am sure they also like this Games.

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