10 Best Sticker Maker Apps (Android & iOS)

You are looking for the best Sticker Maker Apps to create stickers for WhatsApp and Telegram, then you are in the right place.

I provided a list of 10 apps that will help you to create awesome stickers from photos and you will get an unlimited sticker in the app.

These apps have a large database of Stickers and also they give an editor to create yours.


Why we need these sticker Maker apps for Android or iPhone?

So, the answer is, today we are living in a society where WhatsApp and Telegram are very popular, and new update features a sticker sharing which is going popular and people also loving this. If anyone sends a sticker to you then you must do a reply with Sticker. This is what the social media world. WhatsApp and Telegram are two giants from them, so I am sure you know the importance of sharing stickers.

Also, stickers show exact feelings and the important thing is this is funny, shareable and enjoyable.

Another best thing about the stickers app is it gives an editor to create your own custom stickers from photos or any photos available on your mobile. And the editor is very simple to use, it means you can create thousands of stickers in a few minutes and share it with your friends.

The list I prepared has included most Android apps but some apps also available on an Apple store so I will provide you a link so you can directly download the app on your iPhone.

If you want to know about How to Create personalized Stickers on your phone then click here.

Let’s check what apps we included in our list. If you want any changes in our list then comment on your thoughts.

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Best Sticker Maker Apps 2020

1. Sticker Maker WhatsApp (Android)

best sticker maker apps

This is the first sticker Maker app on our list and yes it is very popular for making stickers fast. If you only want to make stickers and share it with your friends then this is best for you. This is only an editor and it does not have a database of inbuilt stickers.

But in this post, I am sharing this because it will help you to create stickers in just a couple of minutes.

In this app, you easily remove the background of any photo and you can crop them according to your need and you also add text on your photos and share with your friends. It gives a personalized experience which is I love and it has 10 Million downloads on the Play Store.

It is completely free and you can create a bunch of stickers. If you want a simple easy guide then note this and use it in the app, you definitely make an awesome sticker pack.

  • Select name for your pack
  • Add the stickers to the pack, cut them with your finger.
  • Publish the Sticker pack
  • ENJOY!

2. Sticker Maker (Android)

best sticker maker

It is second in our list and Yes it also has the best sticker making tools for creating awesome stickers packs and share with friends. It has developed by the Stickyfy and you can also check out other apps they have made like Stickyfy itself has thousands of free stickers to express your emotions.

In this Sticker Maker app, you can design different and unique in a couple of minutes. It provides a tool background eraser that automatically cut the background by detecting actual photo, also a custom text you can add on to the image also you can add emojis and they also provide free illustrations to decorate the design.

If you love to create stickers on your then Sticker Maker provides you a sticker studio where you can make stickers. Here the three-step procedure to make your stickers.

  • Select an image
  • Add decorations or text
  • Save it add it to WhatsApp.

It is the best app with good features. The app is also available in a premium version where you only get an ad-free experience but I think you can do many things with the free version and you don’t lose user experience.

Here the features of the Sticker Maker app:

  • Erase image background with freehand crop and background eraser tool
  • Add text to stickers with custom fonts and colors
  • Funny decorations like beards, spectacles, hats & more
  • Create any number of sticker packs. Maximum 30 stickers in one pack
  • Easy to use sticker editing app with photo editor
  • Make fun of your friends with a sticker meme generator

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3. Wemoji – WhatsApp Sticker Maker (Android)

sticker maker apps

As the name suggests it a third sticker Maker app in our list of best sticker Maker apps. It is the best app in terms of user experience and feels it very smooth and you also like it.

Wemoji gives you a ability to make awesome sticker packs without extra skills. The editor that emoji gives it very simple to use.

You just need to choose a photo, erase the background and which extra text you want to add.

You can love the background eraser and the freehand crop feature. In a single sticker, you can add multiple text, emojis, and photos. This is one of the best apps for creating creative stickers for your friends.

Here are the features that you get with the app.


  • Freehand crop photos
  • Reuseable cropped photos
  • Text and Sticker
  • Create a pack of your stickers and share

4 . Sticker.ly (Android)

best sticker apps

Here is another gem in our pocket for creating Stickers for your WhatsApp or Telegram. Its name is sticker.ly and it has 10 Million downloads on play store.

And the good news is you can explore millions of funny stickers which are available with the Sticker.ly and you can this sticker in WhatsApp or Telegram for free.

As it provides millions of Free stickers but you can also make your own without any extra effort. Just select photo and the auto-cutter technology recognize the Area and give you an awesome sticker you can later add text to any other media.

These Stickers are fully shareable and you can make sticker packs and share with your friends.

If you want a small tutorial of how to create stickers in the app then just follow the below steps.

Here’s how to create a sticker pack for WhatsApp.

  • Name your sticker pack.
  • Select photos and cut out stickers from your photos
  • Add captions to give your stickers more character.
  • Export your stickers to WhatsApp and send them to friends.

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5. DIY Sticker Maker (Android)

best apps

Another sticker with an interesting name and features. We ranked this in our list of best sticker Maker apps for its UI and features.

This is used to create funny stickers for your WhatsApp and other social media apps.

You can make stickers like text stickers to make your conversation interesting and enjoyable. The text is fully editable like you can edit color and font.

I love the user experience it is very smooth and easy to use. All tools are available in one position so you can make stickers early. The stickers packs you made are fully shareable with your friends on WhatsApp.

This is one of the best sticker Maker for Android. You can express your happiness and mood with the help of stickers that’s why Stickers are important.

How to use the sticker maker for messenger?

  • Create a sticker pack.
  • Insert pack and author name.
  • Choose photos from the gallery or take a new one.
  • Cut the image you need and adjust the size manually.
  • Add stickers provided or text.
  • Save it, share your pack or add to WhatsApp!

6. Texticker (Android)


If you like text stickers then this Texticker app is a gem for you. This will help you to create and manage your own text stickers.

I personally like the image stickers because they are more relatable to any situation. But many people like the text stickers and also this is More relatable if you love chatting.

You can use the latest Texticker app to create multiple text stickers for WhatsApp and Telegram which can be sharable to your friends.

The Texticker provides an awesome editor to create your stickers. Like the text is fully editable like you can change font, color, and size. After making your sticker just export in your sticker pack so we can use later.

The best thing about this app provides a personal interface. And awesome user experience. Many people like text stickers so you can make stickers for them also.

Making a simple text sticker takes only a few seconds. Text stickers are mostly used to express Happy birthday and emotional events.

Here the few steps to create your own text stickers.

How to Use texticker sticker maker to make stickers

  • Open Texticker
  • Type in the message you want to send to your friends
  • Texticker will generate several stickers for you with your message
  • Press the randomize button to get more styles
  • once you are satisfied with your sticker, press add to WhatsApp
  • if you would like to keep a sticker long-press it in WhatsApp to add it to your favorite stickers so it won’t be overridden when you generate a new package.
  • Share with your friends and surprise them with stylish on-demand stickers.
  • If you like Texticker, rate us 5 stars and leave us a review.

7. Sticker Maker Studio (Android)

sticker maker studio

Sticker Maker Studio is the seventh app in the list and it also consists of best features that require the best sticker Maker app like the tools to remove background and other stuff.

The customized stickers are more beautiful, this app allows you to create a personal sticker for any occasion-easily. This allows you to express your expressions to anyone without any drama.

You also make a sticker pack that can be sharable with your friends and family. This is a simple sticker making app to create funny memes stickers that will be shared.

Creating a Sticker is very simple in sticker making Studio just required creativity and an interest in creating new Stickers.

By Sticker Maker Studio you create Stickers in two minutes, like pick up a photo from your gallery or download it from the browser and show your creativity.

The sticker pack that this app allows is 30 stickers which you can add in WhatsApp.


  • Amaze your friends to make their photo sticker with custom stickers maker app
  • You can select any photo from your phone or capture from your phone camera
  • Easily create stickers pack with a maximum of 30 photos
  • Sticker maker app is completely free for all android users
  • Meme generator free application is very simple to use
  • Create text stickers with custom colors and font also create wallpapers stickers
  • Create stickers out of photos and enjoy stickers app for chitchat
  • Remove background easily and write any text on image with sticker studio app
  • Add love stickers for Whatsapp, funny stickers, sad sticker, men stickers and many more
  • 3D image of the daily sticker with high resolution
  • Stickers extensive app has a wide collection of stickers
  • Make your own stickers with sticker studio & use these stickers for text as well
  • you can better make stickers from photos with Sticker making app.

8 . BeSticky (Android)


Eighth app in the list and it’s BeSticky. Yes, the name is too sticky but interesting. Want to create personal stickers to make humor in your WhatsApp group then it just for you.

BeSticky app will help you to create meme stickers for WhatsApp and Telegram for free.

The best thing about making stickers using sticker Maker apps is you just can’t find to show your expressions but you know how it sees so by using sticker making apps you just make cool stickers that perfectly show your expressions.

You just have to open an app and select a photo from which you have to make a sticker, later crop it, erase the background and add.text emojis and just export it and see your sticker is ready to launch.


  • Love to chat? Be trendy! Create personal stickers and memes!
  • Smart & easy meme creator, sticker maker for WhatsApp & Telegram.
  • Make custom stickers from your or your friends’ photos.
  • Use our magic AI crop tool or cut out with your finger.
  • Make your version of a popular emoji or create a whole new reaction.
  • Creative templates for each and every occasion — greetings, mood, sports, work and more.
  • Quick, simple, fun! Reply to messages with your cool handmade stickers!
  • New templates are added regularly.
  • Add your personal stickers to Telegram and WhatsApp.

9. Stickyfy (Android)


Here at number nine, we have the app create Stickers for WhatsApp yes it is the name of this app. This app just lets you create awesome stickers in a few minutes.

It has a background eraser which is best and they called it a magically erase system. You need not learn Photoshop you can use their magic erase system to remove background easily and surprise your friends with this app.

Here the steps you have to follow to create creative stickers in this app and also the same steps to create Stickers pack.

Steps to create a sticker pack

  • Click on the new pack to start
  • Select an icon and upload the images of your gallery
  • Remove the background with the erase system
  • Add the pack to WhatsApp

10. Stickery (Android)


Stickery is the last app in our list and it was also less with features that you get in any other sticker Maker app.

Stickery allows you to create the best custom stickers with fully editable features. This app has an inbuilt editor Studio where you can edit your Stickers and export it.

It also explores and downloads the stickers made by other artists. You find them on social media where they share their great work.

If you also want to create your awesome Stickers then just download the Stickery app follow the below steps.

Follow the steps to generate your sticker pack.

  • Create a new sticker pack.
  • Add the photos through the camera or gallery.
  • Edit your sticker using your finger or select a shape for your sticker.
  • Customize your sticker choosing its border.
  • When you have your stickers created, export the pack to WhatsApp and Telegram.
  • Share your newly created pack with your best stickers with your friends.


I am sure you like these apps and I want you to create awesome Stickers pack that you can share with your friends and family.

So, this is the best Sticker Maker Apps available on the internet, so download it and start making.

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