Chennai Super Kings Game – Best Game for CSK Fans.

Chennai Super Kings Game

Chennai Super Kings Game is the best topic for MS Dhoni and CSK fans, If you don’t who is CSK then this post is not for you but you love to play Cricket Games then this post is for you. In this post, I explained about Chennai Super Kings Game which is popular but on play store, the name was different so most of the people can’t find the Game on Play Store. Because I also experience that thing like my friends playing this game by seeing a game I know this is Chennai Super Kings Game so I search on play store but I can’t find it after seeing the original name of the game in my friend mobile then I able to find it. So for MS Dhoni Fans, this is the best article.

Chennai Super Kings Battle of Chepauk 2.

Chennai Super Kings Battle of Chepauk 2 is the full name of the game it is very hard to remember the name of game because of the name most of the people can’t reach the game. The game was developed by Nextwave Multimedia company, the company is also popular for World Cricket Championship 2, Big Bash Cricket and Street Cricket. This is some popular Games that are developed and the successful Play Store. The game is downloaded 5M+ times on Play Store. And it is having 4.6 Star rating and size is only 50 MB.

Chennai Super Kings Game
The Chennai Super Kings Battle of Chepauk 2 game is fully based on Chennai Super Kings team like in-game your team is Chennai Super Kings and in your team all CSK players. Like this game is only developed for CSK Fans and MS Dhoni Fans. The point is that most of the people love Chennai Super Kings because of the MS Dhoni in that team. Because of the big Fan following of MS Dhoni, the team is popular and the game is popular. If you are a fan of Dhoni then you can download this game. This is small information of the Chennai Super Kings Battle of Chepauk 2 in below paragraphs we talk on Features of the game.

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Features of the game

Chennai Super Kings Battle of Chepauk 2 is the full cricket game so it is in Cricket category and the game is having different modes like Super over, Super Slog, Super Chess and Multiplayer. We explained type one by one in below.

Chennai Super Kings Game
Super Over:

If you having some knowledge of Cricket then you have an idea of Super over. If you don’t know then we explained the Super over is the over when a match is a tie and for deciding the winner of the Match the Super over is set. If in match Super over is starts then the match is very interesting. The chances of Super over in real match is having less chance but in the game, you can play many times Super Over.

Super Slog:

Super Slog is the feature of game where you want to do how many run you can do in 20 Overs and you get points for every single run to single six. For six you get more points than Dot ball or a single run. So what are you thinking to Download the game and play?

Super Chase:

This is the very interesting mode of the game, this mode is based on progressive levels like you want to progress from 5 over to 30 overs by playing and winning. Every game win will give progress to the next level.


This is the main feature for those who want to play with different people’s. By this feature, you can play with 2 to 5 online people simultaneously. The multiplayer mode is also divided into Public and Private mode.

Public Mode – Public mode enables you to play with random players online. The match selects random players with online status.

Private Mode:
In private Mode, you can play privately like you can create your own Room by Room I’d if you want to invite friends to your room by Room I’d. It is a very interesting Feature in Chennai Super Kings Battle of Chepauk 2.

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