Clash of Clans – Game of the year 2017-18.

Clash of Clans – Game of the year 2017-18

You know Clash of Clans if you know then very good this article is for you. And I am sure that now you can’t playing Clash of clans because you are now busy in PUBG mobile. This is what Change is necessary because every popular thing is one day an history.

Clash of Clans - Game of the year 2017-18
In one year ago the image was different like I and my friends playing daily Clash of clans at the home and now the king is PUBG mobile. The year change even time change the world is very fast so who having better Features who would win, you know that Clash of clans is the 2D Game but today 3D Games available for free so 3D Games are more effective on people’s.
The gameplay is also better on 3D games because of user experience, Clash of clans don’t have a High graphics or 3D view but it would popular on most of the people hurts. Today I also see most of the people are playing COC. The today when I asked my friends why they not playing Clash of clans? So they answered me ” COC is now for kids, men’s are playing PUBG”, after hearing the answer I am shocked and I think that this is those who give me COC in my phone and now they underestimate the Clash of clans.

Clash of clans History

COC is Freemium type of game and the game is launched in 2012 and developed by  Supercell.
This is a small history of Clash of Clans, the game is popular for its playing modes like the game can be played in Single player mode either in Multiplayer mode. When I started playing COC then at that time Multiplayer mode is very popular because everyone wants to join big clans. The COC is a different game because of different characters in the Game like the most common troop is Barbarian and Archery and four builders are there who makes a beautiful village.
Clash of Clans - Game of the year 2017-18
According to Wikipedia, the Clash of Clans is heavily Promoted in the year 2015 by Supercell after promotion the game was popular. Because of simple and easy gameplay. Also, the review score of the game was good most of the audience like the game, the game having an aggregate score is 75 out of 100 on iOS by Metacritic. The game used a brilliant idea or Story. Because the story was simple but the progress was difficult.
The Clash of clans uses the story of old years means in King age where one clan is attacking other clan and whose army is powerful and security is tight would be Winner. On this small story, the game Will be made now people’s like this game.
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Gameplay of Clash of Clans

The gameplay of Clash of Clans is very awesome like the game use a strategy of Kings and Wars. The full gameplay is dependent on the War and Troop. If troops of clans are powerful and upgraded then no one can challenge you and you never lose a Fight. In the game many powerful troops available who can destroy a village in a few seconds.
If you play a COC then aware about Pekka the ultimate soldier, Pekka is one of the most popular and powerful troop. In COC also some troops available which are used for Attacks and Defense, the Barbarian King, Archery Queen, etc. This is some powerful troops to Defense and Attacks.
Clash of Clans - Game of the year 2017-18
The Gameplay starts from Attack, first thing is Train more powerful troops to Attack like Pekka, Dragon, Golem, Wizard, etc. Select your favorite troop after training to select a village where you want to Attack. A select village whose defense is loose and Sources is more.
After selecting go to the village and apply your strategies because everyone having a different strategy, the strategy is very important when you attack. After a successful Attack also use a different strategy for defense of your Clan because the defense is also important.
Wrapping up
This is all about the gameplay of a Clash of Clans, I know this is very small information because I want that Download COC again and start playing because the game makes our childhood awesome so if you don’t play then the game will over.
This is enough information for showing Clash of Clans is best of 2017.
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