Download WhatsApp Status using ES File Explorer.

How to Download WhatsApp Status using ES File Explorer? Is the very basic question asked by people sometimes?

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Status are now most popular. WhatsApp is the most used social media platform after Facebook.

There are millions of people using Whatsapp, and they had a big list of contacts so they daily see hundreds of people Status.

You know that some of the statuses are very good but we unable to find it on Google or YouTube.

So, this question appears How to download WhatsApp Status using ES File Explorer. And in this session, I will tell you the secret trick to Download others WhatsApp Status.

Below we give detailed steps to Save or Download WhatsApp Status of others.

Steps to Download WhatsApp Status.

Steps to Download WhatsApp Status.

1 . First Download ES File Explorer.

The most important thing is to download ES File Explorer from the play store. ES File Explore having many advance options to organize your file data. It having many usages so Download it.

2. Open ES File Explorer

Most of the people think ES File Explore is very complex to understand. So it may be the complex first time but, when you open the second time then it will not be complex.

3. Show Hidden Files

This step you can do after opening the WhatsApp folder. But I want to tell this first, so you can understand very well.

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Click on the menu button at the left-hand corner, then scroll down below. There is option Show Hidden Files, this is default Disabled, so click the button and enable it.

4. Open WhatsApp folder

After enabling Hidden Files, back to home and click on internal Storage. You will see a list of folders, you need to find a WhatsApp Folder. In which all WhatsApp information was saved, like WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp images, WhatsApp videos, chatting, GIFs, etc.

5. Save or Download WhatsApp Status

This is the last step. Open the WhatsApp folder, in which you can see other folders. So choose WhatsApp Media folder. In this folder, all WhatsApp Documents, photos, videos, Audios are saved.

In this folder, you can see .statuses folder in which you find every Status which you saw in the WhatsApp. You can directly access this Status but I think you want to copy your favorite Status and paste it in another folder.

Different Ways to Save Status.

  1. Download WhatsApp Status saver App from the play store. According to my Status Saver is the best app for saving Status in your mobile. I used Status saver or file explorer to save WhatsApp Status. The status saver can easily save the status in your mobile, but ES File Explore looks more professional.
  2. MX Player App – Yes, you can save WhatsApp Status from MX Player App. This is a very easy process, first, open the MX Player App and click at three dots, then go into Settings.

In options click on List and scroll down below at second last you find the option of Show Hidden files and folders. And you can see all WhatsApp Status.

These is a few ways by which you can save the WhatsApp Status of your friends. Below I explained the best WhatsApp Status Downloader app for WhatsApp.

Best Apps for Download Short Videos online.

  1. Vidmate App

This is the most popular video download application and having a very big number of users. The Vidmate app is banned on play store because of copyright issues but it doesn’t affect their popularity. On Vidmate App you can download any Facebook video, Instagram video, YouTube video and also have their own social media platform where people Share Videos, short videos, many more.

So you can easily Download any Status from any platform. The video download speed is also very fast. And you can also download music, Movies free of cost.

2. Sharechat

It is another most popular social media platform where images and short videos like Tik Took videos are Shared. And share chats having a 100 Million+ Downloads on play store, on share daily thousands of WhatsApp Status share and download. And it is legal to download WhatsApp Status.

Final Words

This is the best post for Download or Saving WhatsApp Status in your mobile with only using small Apps.

This article will help to save WhatsApp Status from your contacts and you resend on your status.

And another is I tell you about the best apps to download WhatsApp Status and it will be Free to download and enjoy.

I am sure you like this post and I know that after reading this you will share this post with your friends and family.

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