Du Recorder – Best Screen Recorder for Android.

DU Recorder is the most popular screen Recorder of all time, Yes today we are talking about Best screen Recorder for Android.

I see many people want to record their screen but it is very difficult to find best features screen Recorder, and thats why I am here to help you, I will explain about Best Screen Recorder for Android and good thing is it is available on Play store for free so visit Play Store and download this screen recorder app and if you want to download it from third party website then in the last I will tell how to download and install app in your mobile.

In fact, I used this app to start a my new Youtube channel and I record many gameplays and other activities and posted on Youtube and many subcribers.

If you want to start a Youtube channel then the DU recorder is the best app for game streaming and recording.


The screen Recorder is a very important app for YouTubers or who wants to record their Video Games. Like most of the people playing games so they break the record but they won’t save this record in the form of Video.

I want to share my experience, My friend play PUBG everyday on their mobile and he is a pro Player so I noticed that he play PUBG mobile very well so I give him Idea to record their videos and share on YouTube so after suggesting many times he Downloaded DU Recorder app and record their Videos later he edited Video and uploaded on YouTube and what a magic after 4 & 5 Videos he gained a thousands of subscribers and now he streaming on YouTube with own Laptop.

That’s how a small suggestion can make you big and bigger, so my point is he started his YouTube career by Recording Videos by DU Recorder. So for you, I write this article. Below I explained a Features of DU Recorder app.

Features of DU Screen Recorder

1. Support Full HD video resolution.
  • The application is capable of recording Video at full HD means 1080p.
  • The DU Recorder also support 720p, 540p, 480p, 360p and 240p.
  • By using this feature you can set resolution According to your mobile specifications or storage or Video quality.
  • 720p is the best resolution for Normal mobile phones.
2. Video Quality
  • This is also a good Feature for Video Quality because this feature is able to decide which quality you want.
  • Using this feature you can manually change it but already it is on Auto setting.
  • so I suggest to don’t change it because it automatically detects hardware and gives the best quality.
  • if you set on higher quality then the size of your may automatically increase.
3. FPS (Frames per second)
  • According Video editors this is most important to control FPS rate According to hardware specifications.
  • FPS is also related to Quality of Video.
  • Higher frame rates mean Quality of your videos is awesome.
  • Also, this setting defaults on Auto so don’t change it, this automatically adjusts accordingly hardware.
4. Editor
  • This is different Feature in DU screen Recorder because of this the DU Recorder is totally different from others.
  • In this feature, you can edit Videos, merge Videos, Convert to Video to GIF, transfer through Wifi and also image editing option is there.
  • Through Video editor you directly edit Videos on the way and share with your friends.
  • Merge Video and Convert to GIF is extra Features to enjoy DU Recorder app.
5. Live Streaming
  • After the trend of Live streaming on YouTube, this feature is very popular.
  • most of the beginner can start YouTube career by DU Recorder because it enables Live streaming by using this feature you can directly stream on YouTube.
  • This required only an unlimited internet connection with normal Specifications mobile phone.
  • Start your YouTube career with DU screen Recorder.

This is the top Features of DU Screen Recorder app, so if you want to record your videos in full HD and Share with your friends then Go on Play store and download this APK. If you want to download APK file from Third party website then below are steps to how to download and install DU Screen Recorder in your mobile.

How to download and install DU Screen Recorder APK file in Android.

  • 1. The first step is Go on Apkpure website and in search box search a DU Recorder and you get DU Screen Recorder.
  • 2. The Apkpure is the best website to download old versions of an APK file.
  • 3. After downloading, go in settings and in security option check Unknown Source option is Enable or not, if not then enable it.
  • 4. Click on APK file and you easily install your APK file in your mobile phone.
Du Recorder - Best Screen Recorder for Android.

Is DU Recorder is Safe?

Is DU Recorder is Safe?

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