5 Best iOS Launcher for Android | 2020

iOS Launcher for Android: Android Operating System is the most popular and powerful os in the world and now Android is the most widely used OS.

In domination, iOS is here. People Love Android but also love iOS. When any Apple mobile launches then this news becomes a trend. And most of the people want to buy this iPhone.

But as you know iPhone is not affordable for everyone. So the dream of buying an iPhone only becomes a dream.

But don’t upset, I have a trick to use iOS or feeling of iPhone on your Android phone. Yes, this is iOS Launcher for Android.

Using an iOS Launcher for Android can give a feeling of the iPhone. We have a 10 Best iOS Launchers for Android.

So if you want to use an iOS on your phone then read this article at last.

Best iOS Launchers for Android

This is the best app for Android and this is a virus-free so you can enjoy it. And all Apps are tested and used by me.

The review is on my experience with the Launcher Apps.

1. Launcher iOS 13

Launcher iOS 14
Launcher iOS 14
Developer: LuuTinh Developer
Price: Free

This is the latest iOS 13 launcher for Android. And iOS 13 is the latest version available for iPhone.

We included this app in our list of Best iPhone Launcher for Android. Because the feeling of using iOS is best by this launcher. Below I share a screenshot of a launcher iOS 13 APK.

You can see that the screenshot shows an interface or UI of the game which is very similar to iOS.

The transition effects are also very awesome, the App opening animation is also similar to iOS. The Assistive Touch is available but you need to download another app for this feature.

There some iOS gestures available and the usage screen is available. In my opinion, this is the best iOS Launcher for Android. And also the size of the app is only 5 MB.

Download Launcher iOS 13

2. Phone X Launcher

Phone X Launcher is also best iOS Launcher for Android because of its features.

The above screenshots show a Phone X Launcher and it quite similar to iOS. The Phone X Launcher is based on iOS version 12. Which is the latest as compared to features.

The app gives access to customizations like in the menu how many columns you want.

Also, you can customize the effects of hand gestures. Also, you can upgrade to the premium version for more extra features.

Also, you can manage the lock screen, Hiding Apps, changing themes.

Download Phone X Launcher

3. iLauncher for OS 11

As the name says the launcher is based on iOS 11 version which is also latest because of the feature contains.

Above we have a screenshot of the launcher. The UI is exactly the same as iOS 11. With some beautiful transition effects.

It does not have more customizations options but some basic customizations you can easily do.

But this launcher supports many themes so you can choose the best and favorite theme according to your mood.

Also, the app has the best awesome wallpapers for the background. The wallpapers are of very different varieties like dark, light, colorful.

The app also having control Panel by using this you can control all your settings like brightness, WiFi, internet connection.

Download Launcher for iOS 11

4. Launcher iOS 13

Launcher iOS 14
Launcher iOS 14
Developer: SaSCorp Apps Studio
Price: Free+

As the name shows the launcher is running on the iOS 13 version which is used in iPhone X.

You can see the above screenshots to take a quick review of the Launcher iOS 13.

I used the app and I got the feeling of using an iPhone X but it is only a feeling.

But the app can give an exact User experience as iPhone X. The app having a lot of customizations. But according to me, the default settings are good.

The control panel and the notification screen is very cool. Also the transition effects, app opening animations are literally awesome.

In my opinion, the Launcher iOS 13 is the best iOS Launcher for Android.

Download Launcher iOS 13

5 . XS Launcher

XS Launcher is based on the iOS version 12. This is a very beautiful launcher with features.

The smoothness of the app is good like transition effects, opening animations.

The launcher has a weather screen where he shows weather forecasting. And the app can modify by using themes available for the launcher.

I tried many themes and I enjoyed a lot of other themes. Also, the app having a wallpapers option where you get many beautiful iPhone wallpaper which really feels good.

The launcher has an In-built app game center where you can play online games which is good for some enjoyment.

Download XS Launcher for Android.

How can I change my Android to iOS?

You can use iOS launchers to change your normal device into an iOS. This will definitely give an ultimate feeling to use iOS on Android.


This is the 5 Best iOS Launchers for Android. All are the Launchers that are very good for your device.

Now you can enjoy the iPhone on your Android device. This is weird but don’t listen to others Download the iOS Launcher and show to your friends.

This launcher can be able to give 80% of the feeling to use iPhone. The themes, wallpapers collection of these Launchers are good and effective.

I like all the Launchers if you like any launcher then comment below with launcher name.

And yes don’t forget to share this awesome post with your friends and family. Because everyone wants an iPhone.

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