How to make a voice memo a song on iPhone? works 2020

Here is the step by step guide of How to make a voice memo a song on the iPhone?

Before we dive, we know that the Voice Memo app on the iPhone allows you to record audio memos, edit memos by trimming them down, share them via email or instant message with Messages, and label audio recordings so that you can easily find and access them again.

Steps to make a voice memo a song on iPhone

Steps to make a voice memo a song on iPhone

These steps I followed and now I can make voice memo as a song easily.

  • 1. Open the GarageBand app
  • 2. With the Tracks tab selected, swipe through the menu to tap Audio Recorder.
  • 3. Tap the wrench icon at the top right. Tap Metronome & Count-In.
  • 4. Select No sound.
  • 5. At the far right of the screen, tap the + symbol.
  • 6. On the Song Sections menu that pops up, tap Section A.
  • 7. Check that Automate is toggled off and Manual is set to 30.
  • 8. Tap the Tracks View icon, which looks like a square made of smaller gray blocks. Then tap the Loop icon.
  • 9. Under the Files tab, tap Browse items from the Files app and select the voice memo you previously recorded and saved to the Files app.
  • 10. Drag and drop the file onto the Track Timeline display of the main screen.
  • 11. Tap the triangle icon at the top left and select My Songs from the drop-down list.
  • 12. Press firmly on the song file until the Share menu pops up. Select Share.
  • 13. On the Share Song menu that pops up, select Song
  • 14. Then tap Export at the upper right. It may take some minutes for the song to export.

Follow these nine steps to make voice memo into a song on iPhone.


This is what you need to do for making voice memo a song to iPhone.

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