Meaning of APK [Detailed information of What is APK file] 2020

Meaning of Apk

Today we are talking about APK, yes most of the people want to know what is the meaning of apk. Apk is a term used for Android Apps. Android is the most popular Operating System in a World, up to 50% of mobile are working on Android Operating System.

What is APK?

Meaning of Android Apk is very important for Android users and techy people’s (the people’s who interested in technology news). If you use of Android OS then one time you think that how an Android Applications are work in my mobile? It is a very common question. And it’s the answer is very easy it is an extension which gives the ability to package to install in Android OS.

meaning of apk

APK is nothing but “Android Application Package“, the meaning is that the package of files which is made for Android. In this package, all the Android resources are available to Run apk in Android OS.

Meaning of APK.

Android is a open source software (Opensource software – opensource software it means we can modify it by our choice and we can use it without any license, like iOS is not a open source software if you want to modify then for there you want to buy there license which is high costly) and it is developed by Google. My question is that you know Google if you know then very Good. You know that most of the services of Google are free of cost.

You think that the Google services are free means quality of these services are very low but it not like this the services are awesome with respect to paid services of other companies. It is a general knowledge which is required to understand the Meaning of APK.

Most of the times you download apps from the website then you can See that .apk extension is there it is very important to install software in your device. The process is that for making the app the .app extension is provided for sync with Android OS because it is programmed in the software for installing the application the .apk extension is very important.

If you see the source code of any app then you can notice there is a bunch of files. We cannot install one by one this files for this .apk extension is work the .apk extension is converted this bunch of files into one object like the image, the object is comfortably RUN on a system without any error.


The view source code of an app?

These only educational purposes don’t use for illegal work.

You can view the source of any app in your Android Mobile, it is very simple to view the source code of any application. But the problem is that if you are not familiar with Programming language then you cannot understand the codes of application for understanding you want know Basic knowledge of Java Programming language then you easily understand the how it works.

The process to view the source code of Android app –

1. Download Java decompiler from Play Store which is freely available.

 2. Open app and select app which source code you want a view.
 3.  Click on the app and click decompile then the app is completely in its Normal form where you can see the source code of Android app.


This is about the complete meaning of APK, If you read this article fully then you get full information about an APK file.
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