10 Pro Telegram Messenger Tricks [2020]

Today I am going to tell you 10 Telegram Messenger Tricks that make you pro Telegram user.

These tricks very usefully when you are using a Telegram daily and these tricks make you a smart telegram user.

before dive into it, first, know the Why Telegram is best?

Telegram is a simple, fast and secure social media app that has less latest features that give many abilities to secure your privacy.

Let’s see 10 tricks that make you a pro…

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Best Telegram Messenger Tricks

Telegram Messenger tricks

1. Create Your Own Custom Masks

One awesome function of Telegram is that this lets you create a customized mask. Yes, you can create your own custom masks and use them on your selfies to share with your friends. To create a custom mask, first, search for @stickers and tap on it to open the bot.

Now, in the message field type /new masks, which will intimate the process of creating the new mask. Now all you need to do is follow the instruction from the bot and you will be able to create your new mask. If you have any problem in following the steps, do let us know in the comments section and we will be happy to help you out.

2. Use Bots to Your Service

This is also a very cool feature or trick that you can use in your telegram channel or group. The Telegram supports any type of third-party bots that help you to manage your groups in your absence. Admin can set instructions for their bots so anyone asks a similar instruction then the bot gives an answer. Many people using these bots to manage their services and groups.

3. Turn on Secret Chat

I think this is the feature most people want in their social media app. These features help the telegram users to keep their chats limited to only them and you cannot track by anyone. In normal chats, the chats are stored using end-to-end encryption but if hackers or organizations want to see the data then the data can be decrypted. But in secret chat the chats not saved in servers so after some time the data permanently remove from servers or mobile.

4. Manage Audio Files With Integrated Music Player

Telegram has an inbuilt music player which will help you to play music in your Telegram app. You only have an audio file so you can play the music files. The music player is minimized and sits on top of the Telegram window and when you tap on it, it opens an interface that resembles common music players.

5. Use Telegram X

This is another and advances alternative for the Telegram app which is provided by the Telegram company. This is in the beta phase but you can use this app and I am also using this app and Telegram X is better than a Telegram app, because it has more features and the interface is also very good.

6. Use a Proxy Server

This is also the latest feature that you can’t get in other social media app rather than Telegram. This feature helps you to secure your data where telegram is banned. Only follow these steps. Settings->Data and Storage, and scroll down to find Proxy Settings.

7. Upload Multiple Profile Photos

Telegram is the first social media app where you can upload multiple profile pictures, this is the best feature for who loves to upload a new profile pic. The only thing you want to do is open settings and open camera icon to upload a photo, for upload multiple photos you have to repeat procedures.

8. Use Hashtags to Organize Your Chats

This feature helps when you have joined multiple groups and channels and you want to organize your chats according to other group member interests.

9. Lock Your Chats

Privacy is the priority for the Telegram, that’s why Telegram is mostly focused on privacy and users also want top-level privacy to keep their data secure and private. Telegram uses a technology called End-to-End Encryption to keep data secure. And another feature that makes your chatting super secure is you can lock your chats. Its help when a single device has multiple users.

10. Use Multiple Telegram Accounts

With the new update of Telegram users can have multiple accounts. This is best for people who want to keep their professional and personal accounts separate. 

This works great if you have mobile numbers.


These 10 Telegram Messenger Tricks keep your data safe and you know the secret features of Telegram Messenger.

Use these features to secure in the social world…

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