Temple Run 2 Games Download for Android.

Temple Run 2 Games Download for Android

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Temple Run 2 Games Download for Android is our new topic to talk, I know you want to play a Temple Run 2 because it contained old and cute memories of old times. Most of the people who read this they play this game in young Time. Like I was 12 Year old then I first time see this game and I was very impressed by this game, this game is a very epic and interesting game at that time. That time I don’t have a screen touch mobile because at that time the technology was never expanded like today time and only a few people’s are able to buy this expensive mobile. And this time I have friends who do the job and they buy screen touch mobile so they installed Temple Run on their mobile and I take mobile to play games.
Temple Run 2 Game Download for Android
On this time I only had a dream of doing High Score for winning. This time I played this game for 3-4 hours for the day because this game is like PUBG. Temple Run is the most addictive Game of all time. In today time also the game you see in Mobile phones. Adult people not playing this game today but children’s and Young Boys and Girls play this game. This is some experience got from Temple Run let’s talk about Temple Run history.

Temple Run

Temple Run has divided in the category of Endless Runner Game it means that there is no end of this game you can play this game without any end. The game was developed in 2011 and it is the most popular 3D Game. The company who developed this game is name is Imangi Studios and the fact is that the game was developed by Husband and wife. This game was first developed for Android OS later Temple Run was available on iOS and Windows phones.

Temple Run 2 Game Download for Android
The Temple Run having 1 billion downloads on play store and it’s sequel also have 1 billion Download. The first sequel of the game is Temple Run: Brave which promotes the Disney film Brave and the second sequel is Temple Run: OZ. But now in India, only two Imangi Games are available first is Temple Run and second is Temple Run 2.

Below are the download Links of Temple Run.

Temple Run Download – Temple Run – Apps on Google Play
Temple Run 2 Download – Temple Run 2 – Apps on Google Play

The gameplay of Temple Run.

After opening and starting the game one man is running on the road and one animal is running back to catch man you can control the man so your step is to jump and sit. If you touch to Wall then your speed is decreased and the animal will catch you.

This is only short gameplay for more gameplay I suggest you download this game and play this I am sure you will great experience from it.

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