5 Best Video Player App for Android 2020

Best Video Player App for Android 2019: Today we got a topic for Best video player app for your Android device. Everyone is now having the best specifications phone. Also, everyone watching movies on their mobile phones.

But the problem is not having the best video player app for their phone. And because of this, the quality of watching any video or Movie is going low.

Watching a high-quality video is also depends on a video player. Because of this, I write this post to choose a Best video player. We give a list of 5 apps which is very popular and available on the Android play store.

All of these apps are available for Android but if you are an iOS user then I also give a download link of iOS version.

The working of a video player totally depends on Device hardware. When any video player runs than the app use a RAM, processor and screen resolution to play any higher quality videos.

If video quality is very high and the mobile specification is low then the running of a video is difficult.

What is the best Video Player App for Android?

Below I have a list of best video Players for Android. The most of the video Players you will know but I included in my list because they have their respect.

Here is the list of some of the video Players to Play the Videos on Android supports all the formats like MP4, WEBM, MKV, 4K, FLV, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc.

1 . VLC for Android

VLC for Android
VLC for Android
Developer: Videolabs
Price: Free+

VLC for Android is a very popular video player for playing high-quality videos and Movies. The VLC player can support every available format of videos.

The VLC player is the open-source application so anyone can modify the app. They can able to stream online URL servers. Also, audio quality and audio equalizer are supported.

The VLC player is available for every platform like Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, etc. Also, the main and most positive feature of this Player is it’s an Ad-free.

Because it is ad-free we added in our list at number one position. Also, the Player can easily control a gesture according to User.

Features of VLC for Android:

  • Support every video format like MP4, WEBM, MKV, 4K, FLV, AVI.
  • Also, the best Audio support.
  • Support subtitles with multitrack Audios.
  • easily controls any gestures.
  • In-built codecs no need to download externally.
  • Ad-Free because it is open-source software.

Download VLC for Android

2 . MX Player

MX Player
MX Player

If you are an Android user then I am you will know about MX Player. Because it was the most popular video player because of its features. The first thing are done when you buy a New Phone is installing an MX Player App on your mobile.

On play store it having 500+ million Downloads the app is now the king of best video player Apps. The MX Player app comes with a bundle of features.

The app can easily play any type of video like MP4, AVI, FLI, WEBM, etc. Also, Support the highest quality of videos. The MX Player uses many parts of the hardware to run any video.

The gestures are very easy to get like by sliding increasing or decreasing the volume and brightness. Also, Support slow motion and fast mode. Also, Support many types of subtitles.

Many customizations to watch videos according to your choice.

Features of MX Player App:

  • Support multi-core decoding
  • support online subtitles
  • stream any video from URL
  • support many types of video format
  • audio equalizer with multiple audio track support.
  • background play.

Download MX Player

3 . X Player | 4K Player

This is X Player which is not popular as MX Player and the VLC player for the features of the app was good. The X Player 4K video and also Support to download subtitles online.

The X Player having an In-built codec to give power to playback. The app uses multiple hardware to accelerate the performance of the Player.

The X player supports multiple video formats with 4K quality. The app having special feature is private settings where you can easily hide the app and keep away from others.

I recommend this app because the app having privacy protection which is very necessary also Support all types of videos and you can download subtitles online by using this App.

Features of X Player:

  • Pop up video playing
  • In-built codecs no playback issue
  • Multiple format support
  • online subtitles
  • 4K UHD support.
  • Chromecast Support with night mode.

Download X Player App

4 . Wondershare Player

This is the 4th app in our list of Best Video Player App for Android and the wondershare Player is an all-in-one video player to watch online or Offline. If you have this Player then you don’t need to download other any media Players.

The Player gives access to stream any video from the server very easily. The wondershare Player supports all available video formats with In-built codecs for better quality audio.

The App supports a screen share from mobile to any available device. So you can easily watch any movie from a small device to a big device. Also, you can transfer files if another device also Installs a Wondershare Player App.

Features of Wondershare Player:

  • support all formats
  • watch on online videos by remote servers
  • Subtitles support
  • File sharing
  • Screen sharing from small to big.
  • easy to use.

Download Wondershare Player

5 . All Format Video Player

Video Player All Format
Video Player All Format
Developer: UPlayer
Price: Free+

As the name tells the video player supports all video formats available. Because of this video player, we included in the list of best video player app for Android.

The video player having a night mode, Chromecast to watch movies on the big screen, 4K support at 60 fps. The app also has an In-built mp3 player to listen to music.

And the main feature is folder Lock, you can lock your folder to protect from curious friends. And another feature is given is Video cutter and video to Audio.

Features of All format video player:

  • Video cutter and video to Audio.
  • support all video formats.
  • Folder lock and video lock.
  • Chromecast screen.
  • built-in the music player
  • pop up video and night Mode.

Download All format video player

Which is the Best Player?

After the reading gave a list, we can conclude that the VLC player is the best video player app for Android. The main reason behind this is the VLC for Android is an ad-free application.

Most of the people are getting stressed by the ads which gives very stress because of this we choose the VLC player. And also the VLC player is the most popular video player for Windows and another desktop Operating system.

The MX Player is also good but in my opinion, the ads are the thing that disturbs me most. And also the MX Player Launches online videos because of this the MX Player was very heavy in size.

Video Player Download

You can easily download this app from Play Store. In our list, we included only free Apps. And all are top and popular Apps.

In my opinion, the VLC player is best because of the open-source environment and the availability of software. Also, Support All Operating Systems.

Final Words

I am sure you will like this post and now you can choose the best video player app for your Android device.

The list I make by using the experience I have got. The experience with the VLC player and MX Player is more. Others app I also used but not more than a week.

If you like our post then please share it with your friends and family. Because everyone wants to know about the best video player for Android.

Thanks for visiting.

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