Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF Download For Free

Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF Download

Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF Download: I’m a DM who has been playing since the late ’80s. So I’m always looking for products that make my life easier. Functionally, this book gives you more options for monsters. Now in my group, I often just build my own from scratch. I’ll build monsters and encounters to challenge my players and avoid the cookie-cutter templates. My group has experienced players and former DM’s, so they’ll recall original builds easily and they’ll play their characters with more “knowledge” than their character might actually have.

Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF Download

Volo’s guide has the monsters “out of the box,” but then has sub-sections after each monster that shows variations you can add in the game to make them different, more challenging, but also stay within the spirit of the monster’s original design. For example in the beholder section, they have alternative eye socket powers. So previous knowledge from another game won’t aid the players when they encounter your re-skinned creations.

If you have someone at your table who is a rules lawyer, and they take issue with things that aren’t in the books (you’re cheating!), this will help you create variations that you can point to and say “actually this can exist.” It also just gives more ideas and culture for the monsters. This includes behavior, biological functions, and culture which all really help build verisimilitude. So if your group likes a lot of realism and detail, Volo’s guide has done the work.

The book is very detailed and is written from the perspective of Volo, a traveling wizard from the Forgotten Realms setting who has a very high opinion of himself and is prone to conflation. Thankfully, there are annotations from Elminster (also from Forgotten Realms) that help either confirm or in some cases, completely refute what Volo is saying. This makes it for a more amusing read.

This guide was necessary for D&D. Some of the monsters in the book are as old as the game (over forty years) and the community takes them for granted. It’s nice to see a product that freshens up the old, brings some new and ultimately helps give DM tools to create a more immersive experience.

Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF Reviews

Review 1:

I’m thoroughly enjoying reading through this and it’s really helping me to formulate characters and flesh out backgrounds of existing ones.
I would highly recommend getting this product if you are interested in Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. Of course, I am new to the game, so I won’t claim experience where I don’t have it.

I was disappointed, however, when flipping through all the pages, to find that pages from “Kraken Priest” onwards were glued together at the corners and glued to the back of the book. I had to prise them apart to be able to read them and subsequently, there are pieces missing at the top of each of these pages. While this hasn’t impaired my ability to read these pages, it has made my book look ragged.

I’m a person that cares for their books carefully, I don’t like having my books in disrepair. This is reflected in my rating.

Review 2:

Volo Guide To Monsters is full of interesting and worthwhile concepts, ideas and inspirations for both DM’s and players, covering a large swathe of subjects and going into very welcome detail.

As a resource it’s a very valuable one and one that I refer to often.

However, the production quality on the book itself leaves something to be desired. The binding is poor and care has to be taken to prevent pages becoming loose from the spine whilst some of the pages in my copy weren’t even cut properly. This meant that I had to carefully cut pages away from one another myself, which is hardly ideal.

Reiew 3:

An excellent addition to my gaming group’s universe. The new player races are very welcome – this supplement provides detailed rules for 5 new origins and stats for a handful of traditional monster races people may like to roleplay. The in-depth exploration of key D&D monsters, their habits, society and homes, really adds the worlds you can build – It has been ideal for designing campaigns pitting the players against arch enemies, where they can be immersed in the lore of the orc warlord’s clan, or delve into the devious web of puppets controlled by a hag, rather than slog through a series of randomly populated dungeons.

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Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF Download

Book Name: Volo’s Guide To Monsters

Author: D&D

Edition: 5

Pages: 216

Size: 65 MB

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