What is MMI code.

What is MMI Code? Detailed Information.

MMI Code means Man-Machine Interface. The MMI code is to connect a man with the device by this USSD and MMI codes, this is very important codes.

What is MMI Code? Is the question that can be asked by many mobile users. So let’s start the journey of reveling MMI Code.

MMI Code Full-Form Man-Machine Interface. The MMI codes are used for getting device information using dialer.

The USSD Code also the same as MMI code but USSD Code are closely related to Sim Card.

The full form of USSD is “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data“. The USSD is for GSM technology which can be getting data from Sim Card.

As we tell the MMI Code and USSD Code are very much similar, but both having different task’s.

Like MMI is working for getting Data from device but USSD getting the data from Sim card like Internet, roaming, data, balance information.

Let’s look at Complete MMI complete meaning and how we can use them.

How does MMI complete Mean?

As I tell above the Full Form of MMI Code is Man-Machine-Interface.

USSD code

The Full Form of MMI Code tells the full story about Man-Machine-Interface long-form, Interface between Man and Machine, means the codes play a role of interface between human and a mobile phone.

Many people know about MMI Codes available for an Android device to Android device information.

But many people don’t know about the meaning of MMI Code. As simple, the MMI Codes was a communicator or translator.

The code was inserted in between * and #. This is because of the programming language. The Android OS is written in the Java language.

Java has the special meaning of * and #, and the numbers included in between are the numbers that define specific codes.

These codes are very special or like the control panel of the Mobile phone.

When I was little then I many times uses this code but I only know codes but don’t know about meaning, so I want to tell about other people about this.

I have a very big list of code, I share the code list in the last of the post. Use these codes to know deep information about this.

How to find my MMI code on my phone?

Yes, you can find lots of MMI codes on your mobile by using third party applications or searching on Google.

Below I explained two ways that can help you to find lots of MMI codes on your phone.

Method 1: Use a Third-party application.

  • Open play store on your mobile and search for MMI Code for Android and you get a lot of Apps.
  • In which list of apps choose one and download it.
  • after this open, the app and you get a list of MMI codes.
  • choose any code and try on your mobile.

This is the process of finding the Right code list on your phone.

The all the codes are not supported by your device so try other Codes.

This is a very simple way, if you know about how to find MMI Codes in the phone, then please share with us using the comment system.

I especially remember the important MMI codes like IMEI information *#06#.

If you find then you get many codes that having work. I also use these codes for testing mobile software.

Like Bluetooth test, GPS test, Touchscreen Test. Many tests you can do using the MMI codes.

MMI Codes are an important feature when you want to do something that not work using any app.

How do I find my MMI code on my phone?

There are many ways available but one way is by any third party app, just go in Google Play store and search for MMI codes, you get so many apps that can provide MMI Codes for free.

What is MMI code for phone?

MMI codes are the special types of code that can be entered in between * and # and these codes are Run in the only default dialer app.

What is the full meaning of MMI?

MMI means Man-Machine-Interface. This is the codes to ask some questions with the device and Machine replies with Answer.

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