What’s new in Google Chrome latest version.

What’s new in Google Chrome latest version.

What’s new in Google chrome latest version is the latest interesting topic most of the people don’t know. This article is based on the Google play store and 100% internet information. In the article I explained a Google Chrome mobile version features for Windows users I also explained in the last paragraph because both the Android and Windows version are almost the same, so read the article to last.

Google Chrome History and features.

Google Chrome latest version is the post for Google chrome Fans. In the internet world, Google Chrome is the best, secure and ultra-fast browser for Android, PC, MAC, and iOS, etc. The Chrome browser is almost available for every Operating System and platform, and all different versions are popular for the different operating system. The meaning is that the performance of Google Chrome is very fast and secure, Google Chrome is the product of Google. So you know who and what is Google? If you know then search on Google. I am just kidding don’t be so serious, You know that Google is popular for there services which are secure and free.

What's new in Google Chrome latest version.

In today time Google is another meaning of Trust. Yes, in the world Who knows Google, in that people 60% to 70% of people believe in Google services. My friends tell me Google knows more about you than you, yes I think on this and I am shocked because my friends are right because a search on Google, share on the internet is all know Google. The power of Google is impressive. So we going another way, we are back on our topic Google Chrome latest version.

Google chrome the first version is launched on February 7,2012. On this day the first version of Google Chrome appeared on Google Play Store. The Chrome browser for Android is Known by Mobile Browser Developed by Google and the Windows version is Known by Web Browser Developed by Google. So this is something new information, Google also developed Different editions of Google Chrome browser like Chrome Dev, Chrome Canary, and Chrome Beta. All the different versions are developed according to different Android versions.

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Google Chrome Canary:

It is an Unstable different edition of Google Chrome, so this edition is the same as Chrome but with different features. Like on play store it is mentioned that this app is Unstable and released only for an experimental purpose. This is only for getting feedback from the user for Making Chrome best browser for Android.

Like same as Chrome Canary, it is also developed for getting feedback from user so developed Chrome According to Users. The best fact is you can install this app alongside with Google Chrome. And this is the most popular different edition of Chrome.

This is also for experimental purposes and all three versions are launched with a different name for getting exact feedback from users. If you want to improve any changes in Google Chrome then give Feedback to Google.

So this is the three different editions which are released by Google getting feedback. Let’s turn to Google Chrome latest version article.

Features of Google Chrome.

If you use Chrome in both PC and Mobile then you know that in Chrome for PC is having many advanced features than Chrome Android version. But Chrome Android version having some different features which are like by users.

What's new in Google Chrome latest version.

Features of Google Chrome Android version.

  • 1. Data Saver: it is a great feature for having lack of Internet, the internet is very important to surfing on Google, so for this problem they launched a Data Saver function by using this function you can easily save Data for more surfing.
  • 2. Automatic Font Checker: it is something new features that are used for increasing user experience on different websites. Like if the font on any website is too small so Chrome automatic adjust the font so User can read easily.
  • 3. Gestures: For increasing user experience the chrome having some gestures by using these gestures you can easily switch between tabs. In the future, more awesome Gestures will come.
  • 4. Pre-rendering: It automatically saves a webpage when you go offline.
  • 5. Sycn: it is the feature for synchronizing Android to Desktop version. By this feature, you can easily import Bookmarks, password from mobile to PC.

This is the few features of Google Chrome Android version and In the PC version of Chrome is having many features. So if you use other browsers to Internet surfing then I preferred you to Use Google Chrome because you get 100% security of Google.

If you want to download Google Chrome then Click below to download Google for Android and PC.

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