5 WhatsApp Status Apps. [Latest]

WhatsApp Status Apps: After Facebook, if any social app is mostly used is WhatsApp. On WhatsApp Millions of users are active and Share something they want.

First WhatsApp is used for only chatting but after gaining popularity the WhatsApp added many features like online payments, Status, voice and video calling.

All features are useful but WhatsApp Status is very popular because the user can express their emotions with 30-sec video or images. Mostly WhatsApp users are young so if they have some emotions then they set WhatsApp Status.

Instagram Captions for Girls, Attitude Captions and Quotes.

For Status Lovers, many WhatsApp Status is available on YouTube but the downloading was difficult. For your easiness, I found 5 WhatsApp Status Apps for Status. Below we give a list of Top 5 WhatsApp Status Apps.

WhatsApp Status Apps for WhatsApp Lovers.

1 . Sharechat – WhatsApp Status and Videos

Sharechat is the best WhatsApp Status Apps on play store. On the play store, Sharechat has 100 Million Downloads. On share chat, you can do make friends, download and share WhatsApp Status videos, Instagram stories, short videos, tik tok type videos and many more.

whatsapp status

On Sharechat you can also make your own videos like tik tok and you will be famous. On Sharechat many topics are popular like Wishes and Quotes, Entertainment, funny videos, tik tok like videos, short videos, Movies update, health tips, and WhatsApp Status.

2. Helo – Daily Updates of Status

Helo is the second app in our list of Whatsapp status Apps. This is also a very popular app on play store which having 100 Million Downloads.

whatsapp status apps

Helo is only for Indian users, others also use but the app consists of most of the content in Hindi or other Indian languages. The Hello app has many trending topics but WhatsApp Status is very popular.

The trending topics are WhatsApp Status videos, Wishes, Quotes, News, entertainment, cricket score, comedy videos, songs, and salaries. If you want the best WhatsApp Status for your daily updates then Helo app is best.

3. 4Fun – Funny Video, Status for WhatsApp.

4Fun is a funny short video sharing social app. We included 4Fun in the WhatsApp Status Apps list because it has a very big list of users. On play store, 4Fun has 10 Million downloads, which shows it is very popular. This app is likely made and used in India and most of the content in Hindi and other Indian languages.


As its name suggests this app is for Funny Videos. On 4Fun daily thousands of funny videos are Shared and Download. So if you want a funny video for your WhatsApp Status then Download the 4Fun app. On 4Fun you have to create an account so you can follow, chat with your friends.

4Fun also provides a key feature which is Video editor. The video editor is not very strong but you can do some things like Trim video, Add music in the video, Merge a video, Create slideshow video, Add text and Photos on video, use the best video effects and upload a video.

4. Vidstatus – Share your Video Status

Another WhatsApp Status App is the Vidstatus WhatsApp video Status downloader. If you want the best 30-second video clips then Download this app. In bid status app many trending clips, songs Status, Movie clips available which are going to be Viral.

whatsapp status apps

On vidstatus, many short videos are Shared like funny videos, sports videos and many more. The bid status app is also an Indian content based app. On Vidstatus, you can create an account so you can make new friends and chat with them. Vidstatus also have basic video editor tool for trim, cut, paste, add music, merge, themes, filters, and transitions.

5. Vmate Status – Video Status

Vmate Status is a lite version of Vmate 2019. Vmate Status is a social platform where users can be share WhatsApp Status or short videos. Any user can be download this Status in one click.


You can also make an account on Vmate so your friends and other people can follow you. And you also have a chatting system. On Vmate Status app you also get some other categories like Quotes and Wishes, Entertainment Gossips, comedy videos, songs video, love quotes, Good morning quotes. The downloading speed is very fast on Vmate Status app.

Why only these Apps?

I used many Status Apps but these apps are what I like most. This app is only suggested so you can use this app or you can try other apps that are available on play store. These five Apps are Best WhatsApp Status Apps for me.

If you want to save time on finding Status Apps then by this article you choose one app from these five Apps. These five Apps have the best download speed, also have Millions of users so you can get daily hundreds of videos.

These five apps are very popular in India, so you can daily dose of WhatsApp Status. This app having Millions of active users. Also, the app has a feature of chatting with friends and other people.

Why WhatsApp Status popular?

I am also using a WhatsApp and I have a hundred contacts on my phone. So daily I have 50-60 Status in Status tab. Some people Share daily updates of news, some Share sad WhatsApp Status songs, movie clips.

You can say that WhatsApp Status is an app to share daily mood. Many people having a breakup, sad mood then they use WhatsApp to share their mood.

My friends are daily sharing happy birthday photos on status. My family members also share Status, so WhatsApp is now a part of life.


I am sure you like these five WhatsApp Status Apps and you use this app. My only intention is to share the best Status Apps with you. Keep sharing because sharing is caring. Share with your friends. If you have any questions then comment me I will reply you.

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