WhatsApp Status Saver Apps for Android.

WhatsApp Status Saver Apps for Android – WhatsApp is now counted in a world’s most popular social media platform. Almost I know in every mobile there is WhatsApp App is installed in it.

When people buy new mobile then the first task is they do is downloading and installing a WhatsApp App in their mobile.

I think WhatsApp is now the most important part of communication purpose. I also do daily chatting on WhatsApp with my friends.

I know that you are also using a WhatsApp, so I don’t need to explain more about the Whatsapp app. But we talk on WhatsApp Status Apps.

WhatsApp Status means short videos that explain more. Most of the people uses WhatsApp Status for daily Mood update.

Anyone can easily understand the mood of that friend by watching a 30-second small video. It’s the power of the WhatsApp Status.

That’s why WhatsApp Status video is most popular in WhatsApp users. Today we tell you a 10 best WhatsApp Status Saver Apps for your phone.

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Best WhatsApp Status saver Apps.

In our list of WhatsApp Status Saver Apps, we included the best apps that can help you to save WhatsApp Status of others.

There are many reasons behind that for saving others Status and upload in yours.

Below are some reasons why you need to save others WhatsApp Status.

  • The status you like.
  • The WhatsApp Status motivates people.
  • Good news for everyone.
  • Good songs, music.
  • Shareable video with others.

This is some reasons that are why you can save others WhatsApp Status.

If you want to save others WhatsApp Status then read this post continually at the last.

1 . Status Saver

This is the first app in our list of Best WhatsApp Status Saver Apps. This is the best and most popular WhatsApp Status saver for Android.

You need only to select the desired Status you want to save. Open the Status saver app on your phone. Open the desired Status and click on the Save button.

You can also save multiple Status at a time buy just click and hold the status and select multiple Status and save all these.

2 . Status Downloader for WhatsApp

This is another app with some extra features. First, you need to download this app from Play Store.

Before opening the app, first, open the WhatsApp and see Status because the Status Downloader only update the status when you see it.

Open the Status Downloader and you can a status on top, select which Status you want to save, then click on it and save it.

Another feature is the Status Downloader provide their own Status for downloading. In the app, Statuswall tab is placed in which all Status available to download.

3 . Status Saver for WhatsApp

This is the most simple and effective Status Saver app on our list.

I like the simple interface of the app. Like in the app only two buttons are there.

One is Images and another is Videos. The app automatically divides the image from Status and Videos from Status.

Select which type of status you want to save like image or video, then click on the selected type and click on which Status you want to save.

And save it.

4 . Status Saver – WhatsApp Status video Downloader app

This is also the best app for Status saving. The interface and smoothness of the app were very well.

The UI with tabs switching is to look better. In the app, the WhatsApp Status divide according to their type.

Just click on the status and save it on your mobile.

Another feature is I like is WP direct, in which you can easily chat any number. You don’t need to create a new contact.

Just enter the mobile number and start chatting privately.

5 . Status Saver for WhatsApp

It is another WhatsApp Status Saver app that I like. The best part of the app is the only one tab is there.

This means the clean UI to save WhatsApp Status.


  • easily save and delete the status through App
  • reshare with friends through other social media Apps.
  • easy to understand settings.
  • download directly to the gallery
  • In-built video player for Videos.

Download this app from the play store and start saving WhatsApp Status in Gallery.

6 . Status Saver for WhatsApp Video.

This is also a very cool app for downloading Status or saving Status.

The feature that is looking best, is in just one click you can save all Status in your mobile.

This Status Saver app also allows you to save Status from GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is a Mod version of WhatsApp.

The status can also allow you to save Status from parallel space WhatsApp, Business WhatsApp and many more.

7 . status – Status Saver for WhatsApp

Status Pro will be the best WhatsApp Status Saver app in our list. Because in the app you only see status saving tabs.

And also this is the first app on our list with zero advertisements. Which makes a Status Pro is best WhatsApp Status, Saver.

I am also happy by using the Status Pro app. The interface is also very cool and simple.

The app also includes an In-built video player. In the app, only two tabs are there in first all Status and in second saved Status.

You can easily save the WhatsApp Status in your mobile in one click.

8 . We like Status (Hello)

This is not popular for Status saving but it is popular for downloading Status from online.

If you want to download the best Status for your WhatsApp Status then try this app.

We like you to get Status in many languages. With the app updating with a daily new bunch of stuff.

You only need to select the status and download it and upload it. Also, they have tik too like features.

Also stickers and chatting with friends and others.

9 . Video Songs Status

It is also not the WhatsApp Status Saver app but it is cool for video songs Status.

The app is mainly designed for songs Status for WhatsApp, Facebook and for other social media platforms.

The songs lyrical Status are very cool to see and listen to. If you download this app and download the status from the app.

Then many people in your contacts can share the status on their WhatsApp profile.

10 . WhatsDelete: View Deleted Messages and Status Saver

I know many people don’t know how to see a deleted message in WhatsApp.

So here is the crazy app I found, WhatsDelete is the latest app to see deleted messages on WhatsApp.

If you find a deleted message just use the WhatsDelete app and you can recover all deleted messages.

It also works as Status Saver for WhatsApp. So you can easily save any Status from WhatsApp.

I also like the working of the app, like saving Status and view deleted message feature was very cool.

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How do I use Status Saver?

WhatsApp Status Saver Apps

Using a Status Saver app is not rocket science. But it is the easiest task to do.

Status Saver uses WhatsApp file data to find out the status. They find the hidden Status in storage.

Here below given a Steps to use WhatsApp Status Saver Apps.

  • First Download the best WhatsApp Status Saver app from the above list.
  • After downloading and installing the app, open the app.
  • Select Status from original WhatsApp and select the same Status in Status Saver app.
  • After selecting the status download the status from the app.
  • And reupload it again on WhatsApp

This are a few steps to use Status Saver app. The Status saver is the first choice to download any WhatsApp Status.

How do I download WhatsApp videos to my Gallery?

whatsapp status saver app

If you using a WhatsApp Status Saver app then you don’t need to worry about it.

Because in Status Saver when you save any Status then the status is directly saved in your Gallery.

You only need to do a Select any WhatsApp Status and save it using any Status Saver app and this could save on your mobile.

This is How do I download WhatsApp videos to my Gallery.

Another way, if you download status from any online video Downloader app.

Then the app also Downloads the status indirectly internal storage and you can easily access the video Status in Gallery.

This is how I download the status indirectly my phone Gallery.

Can WhatsApp Status be Saved?

In the above, I give a 10 Status Saver Apps for your Android phone.

If you read the above post fully then you can easily find the best Status app for your phone.

The status of Saver Apps is not only one way, on the internet, but you can also find many other ways.

If you want to download Status from online then many Status Downloader Apps available on the internet.

But I want to tell that, yes you can save the WhatsApp Status in any device.

Final Words

Here we are at last of our post, and I think this post is to help you to save WhatsApp Status on your mobile without any problem.

I am sure you use this app once for saving WhatsApp Status on your mobile.

If you like this post then please share this post with your friends and family.

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