Top 10 WiFi Text Messaging Apps 2020 (Android/iOS).

Today I am going to share 10 WiFi Text Messaging Apps which are very popular and I am sure you have installed some of these apps.

We know that the SMS app comes with Android OS is very simple means no advance features available and the interface is also very boring. The SMS app available in Android is only made to send and receive messages. Two Three years back this app has importance but in today’s time many alternatives available on the Internet.

wifi text massaging apps

Because of the flexibility of Android OS, the developers developed a better massaging app, which can work using the Internet and easily modifiable also the interface of these apps is very awesome.

So if you want to use the best WiFi Text messaging app then you can choose from the below list. And it is possible that you have using some of the apps that I am given in the list, so if you find such apps then think I am using the best messaging app and see the next app.

Let’s get started

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Best WiFi Text Messaging Apps for Android and iOS

I give 10 apps that are very popular on Play Store and App Store, all apps are trusted and virus-free, you can download this app from the respective store.

1. Telegram (Android/iOS)

Telegram is a growing social media messaging app, many people believe and truly the features of the Telegram app are awesome, like sharing large size files eg. 2GB, 3GB to 10 GB possible by telegram and the secret chat feature is good for personal chatting. People also love this app because on play store it has more than 100 million downloads in small time of period. 

It is the fastest text messaging app available on the internet and also it gives permission to send the unlimited size of files on telegram. The most powerful feature of the telegram is you can create a group of 200,000 members where you can chat, share large files and any type of documents. and the advanced feature of the telegram is all data is to be stored in the cloud so there is zero chance of losing your data.

2. YATTA SMS (Android)

This app is also called as True Spirit of Android and it is also the best app in our list of WiFi Text messaging apps. This app is good if you want a powerful personalized app where you can configure your own according to your needs. Here on YATTA, you can share any type of multimedia files and also you don’t have a file size issue. Because of the features available we include this app in our list of best WiFi Texting apps for Android and iOS. On YATTA SMS you can customize ringtones, custom vibrations, quick reply styles, LED color, blink rate, status bar icon.

3. Text Me (Android / iOS)

Text Me is the third-best WiFi texting app in 2020. The features given by this app is very advanced and truly such type of features not available on any other text massaging app. The feature I like the most is the app provides a free mobile number by using this number you can do anonymous texting, anonymous calling. The Text Me allows to send free massages up to 40+ countries in the world. Text Me app also provide features like free voicemail, International calling, MMS picture messaging, Video call in HD and many more. And the important thing is this app is available on Play Store and App Store for Free.

4. WhatsApp (Android / iOS)

I know that you people know about WhatsApp more than me. These are one of the most popular WiFi Text Massaging apps in 2020. It is now a product of Facebook so you can enjoy the latest features of the app. This is one of the fastest-growing apps in the world and now when anyone buys a new device then people’s first step is to download WhatsApp on their mobile. The best features are free video calling, voice calls, online payment, private chatting, dark mode, and latest fingerprint lock support.

5. Android Messages (Android)

This is a product of Google so you no need to worry about your private information. Messages are the official app by Google for free texting to anywhere in the world. Google Massages the most popular wifi texting app in the Play Store as it is downloaded by more than 5+ million users. Another feature is it supports two SIM cards, a personal box and a group MMS sending. The app is capable of to supports 50 languages and also can block viruses and fraud messages as well.

6. Text Plus (Android / iOS)

This is another popular app for Wifi Text massaging in 2020. Text Plus app is mostly used in the United States and Canada. This app allows you to choose a phone number or you can use it as your own. By using this app you can turn the tablet into mobile because it provides a real phone number for free. You can do unlimited messages to any number in the US or Canada.

7. We Chat (Android / iOS)

We chat has 1+ billion users all over the world because of the features and services provided by the We Chat. On We Chat you can do various things like Chatting, making calls with friends, reading news and use local services in Official Accounts and Mini Programs, play fun games with friends, enjoy mobile payment features with WeChat Pay, and much more. Also, We Chat supports multimedia files so you can also share media files through We Chat.

8. Chomp SMS (Android)

Chomp SMS is an Ultra Customizable alternative for the default SMS app in Android. And truly it is a very convenient and fastest messaging app for ANdroid. On Play Store it has more than 10+ million downloads. The feature I like the most is scheduling messages which help me to send Birthday wishes to my family members at first.

9. Mood Messenger (Android)

Mood Messenger comes with beauty with power means this app has a very beautiful design and powerful features. This app provides a feature for users to live communication using emoticons, emoji, stickers, and other fun things. also, the Mood Messenger has many customizing options and also gives the option to choose the theme. So if you want a beautiful and powerful Wifi texting app then you can try this.

10. Signal Private Messenger (Android / iOS)

Signal Private Messenger is also a popular app for texting and it is available for both Android and iOS. You can use this app for free and instantaneous communication with friends anywhere in the world. It provides State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption for secure conversation. It also has an inbuilt picture editing tool which helps you to edit, crop and flip your photos.


So this is the top 10 WiFi Text Messaging apps for Android and iOS in 2020. I am sure this information helps you to choose the best texting app from the above list. All the apps given above are secure and by using this app you can do chatting like a professional.

I think this information is helpful for your friends and family so share this information.

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