WikiBuy vs Honey (Comparison) | Choose the best [2020]

Everyone wants to save some money while online shopping. I am also one of them who want to be happy when saving some money.

And for people like me who can be happy by saving some cents for them, I am doing a comparison between “Wikibuy vs Honey”.

You are here to choose the best money-saving extension and might you know anyone of these better.

And want to know about others.

And that’s why I am here to give a perfect analysis of both money-saving extensions so you can choose the best.

Below we were given a lot of information which will give you a perfect insight to choose the best one. And even I shared my opinion with you at the last of the post.

You can also see the infographics for instant information, and read the full article.

Let’s first see why only this two.

Why we Choose Wikibuy and Honey?

There are 20+ (trusted) tools available online you can check here, which are very like these two. But I choose Wikibuy and Honey because they are very popular and people love to use them.

Both extensions maintained by big authorities so you don’t have any trust issues. Like Wikibuy is under Capital One and Honey is a subsidiary of PayPal.

And both apps helps people to find the best prices, coupons and helps to save money. So it is worth trying to use these apps or extensions while doing online shopping.

And people also asking a comparison between Wikibuy vs Honey. And this inspires me to write this article for you.

Both have there different advantages and disadvantages. So, read all information given below to choose the perfect one.

So see the below infographics to know about these extensions. After infographics, I will tell every information about every extension.

Let’s see…


Wikibuy vs Honey
Wikibuy vs Honey infographic

What is Wikibuy?

WikiBuy review
WikiBuy review

Wikibuy is a Chrome extension that helps people to find products with coupons or at best prices.

It follows a simple model,

When people do online shopping at big eCommerce stores like Amazon, Wallmart, Target.

Then if people open any particular product then it scans details of the product. And finds the best deal at backend and shows you at your screen.

You will get many choices to buy your product online at a discounted price.

Actually, when you go on any product page then you can see button of the best price.

You have to click a button and you redirect to their website where it shows you all details and the best price also.

Actually, when you go on any product page then you can see button of the best price.

You have to click a button and you redirect to their website where it shows you all details and the best price also.

Also, Wikibuy has the best tool to find coupon codes which helps you to get more discounts for your favorite products.

As we know finding a coupon code online takes more time, face lots of advertisements, and many times we get expired coupon codes which are damn frustrating.

But don’t worry Wikibuy will help you buy using their extension.

When you add the product in cart and move for billing then it applies the best coupon code for you. Which is the best feature to have with it?

According to Wikibuy, it helps customers to save $50 million to date, and It has 3+ million customers.

Let’s see is Wikibuy trustworthy (Is stealing our data?).

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Is Wikibuy Trustworthy?”

This is also asked question-related to Wikibuy’s trust.

In simple words Yes, Wikibuy is trustworthy.


In 2018 Capital One acquires WikiBuy an undisclosed price. ( Wikibuy founded in 2014 in Austin, Texas)

So, now it is a part of Capital One Bank. And capital one is working in the banking sector where security has the highest priority.

So definitely it is also maintained by high-level security.

If you want the best experience with Wikibuy then use this extension with chrome browser.

We can cross-check Wikibuy Trustworthiness on the Trustpilot website.

According to Trustpilot, it has 4.6 Star reviews by 1700+ customers.

So, the rating is good, because it is a subsidiary of Capital One.

But we can’t trust any product or service which offers free service.

My rating is 4.5/5 stars.

Wikibuy features

Wikibuy includes many features and tools which help you to save money online.

It is important to know all features of Wikibuy. So, you can save more and more money while online shopping.

Let’s see which features are helping you.

1 . Wikibuy Universal Product search

Wikibuy Universal Product search is one best feature you get in Wikibuy.

As the name says it is like a search of products where you can search any desired product, and it will show you the result.

The result includes your product with all available prices. So you can choose which price suits you.

If you want to buy a product or compare price then this feature is for you. Because it shows all retailer’s prices on one page.

So, try this universal product search by clicking here.

2 . Cashback

“Cashback” most loved word while shopping online, and it’s sounds great. And almost everyone loves when cashback credited in their wallet.

And now you can enjoy cashback on buying your favorite products online. This feature is very like My points service, in this feature you will get a small percentage of buying a product from some stores.

Ex., if you want to buy a Laptop, then you can search product in Wikibuy, and then they will show you where you get the best deal. With how much cashback you get if you buy from their links.

You, definitely have to try this feature once.

3 . Wikibuy coupon codes

This is one of the most important features and that’s why we installed this extension in our chrome.

It is a very bad experience when we visit many websites in the search of promo codes or coupons and many of the coupons do not work, very frustrating. And here Wikibuy’s true work starts.

This extension will definitely help you to find the best promo code and it applies the coupon code when you go at the checkout section.

At last, you don’t have to mess with ten’s of other websites in search of coupons, it helps.

4 . Price Drop Alerts

What if you get notified when your favorite product’s price drops and now you can buy in your budget? The happiest moment ever.

And the same feature you get in Wikibuy. This feature is helpful when you want to buy the desired product but the price is high, then you can add the product in the watchlist. And if the price drops then you get notified.

These features help thousands of people to save their time and money.

So I am you are now aware of features that available in the Wikibuy app. Start using them on your laptop.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Wikibuy

As usual, every product has its own advantages and disadvantages which define any product. And I try to share every advantage and disadvantage.

Let’s see the first advantages.


  • Easy to use
  • Work behind you, do many automatic helps to better shopping.
  • Best 100% free, just sign up, and enjoy features.
  • They help you by using extension
  • Secure
  • It helps to save money and time


  • Data is being tracked and sold to third parties
  • Works only with chrome
  • Need more improvements

See, these are advantages and disadvantages you can notice and many people experience.

Tip – Use Wikibuy only when you using online stores, otherwise you can close the extension.

Where you can use wikibuy?

Wikibuy is used by 3+ million users, so it has a big userbase and it almost supports every big store.

The extension works with many big stores like:

  1. Amazon
  2. Wallmart
  3. Target

These are the major sites where people tend to spend more and more time searching for products.

What is Honey?

Honey coupons review
Honey coupons review

Honey is a browser extension that helps you to find perfect deal Online by using coupon codes and by comparing prices.

Honey is the best competitor and alternative for Wikibuy.

Honey can help you to find the best coupon code online without any extra effort, you need to install the honey extension in your browser.

When you do online shopping then click on the extension it will show you all available coupon codes. Click on Try coupon, and it will start applying all coupon codes and finds perfect code.

The best thing about the Honey extension is it supports 30,000+ stores. It means it supports every big online like Amazon, Wallmart, Target, Flipkart, Alibaba.

I used this extension on GoDaddy and I saved a lot of money and I can say that this works for me and help me a lot.

Honey Gold is a program to give rewards to users when they buy products on particular sites. The reward is to redeem using gift cards.

Definitely this extension saves a lot of time searching and saves your money too.

Is Honey is Trustworthy?

The answer is Yes.


Honey was founded in the year 2012, in Los Angeles. On 6 January 2020, PayPal bought this extension for $4 Billion dollars which is a very big deal PayPal.

So, now it is maintained by Paypal so you can get much-improved security. Even before acquisition Honey is very safe and they take Security very seriously.

Honey has 17+ million customers worldwide which is big numbers for an extension based company.

Even Honey gives you the ability to which information you can share with the company. Some information is necessary for the Honey app to work in your browser.

Also, you can delete your honey account from their database.

Also, if you want more security then you can do on-off work while surfing the internet.

I used this app for 4-5 years and I never get any security issues and bad news about data leaks. So, According to my experience Honey is trustworthy.

According to Trustpilot, Honey has 4.6 stars rating from 3.153 users.

Features of Honey

Honey is a Money saver app and it is specially built for to save extra money. It also includes the other feature or tools that help you to save more money and time.

So, let’s see which features going to help you.

1 . Savings Finder

This is the main feature of honey and that’s why we downloaded this extension in our browser.

This feature works when you at the checkout process and it fetches many coupons and applies the best coupon for you.

You need to install this extension in your browser. At the checkout it will ask you to apply coupon codes, you click ok, then you get the best deal.

And it works in many stores.

2 . Honey Gold

Honey gold is a program provided by Honey to its customers, in this program honey customers get a honey gold for their purchases.

You need to sign up for honey to activate this program to get honey gold. You get honey gold every time when you buy products and services from supported stores up to 20% of the price.

You can also redeem it when you reach 1000 honey golds, you can redeem it for $10 gift card, the best deal for online shoppers isn’t it.

3 . Price History

The third feature includes a price history of products on shopping sites like Amazon, Wallmart, etc.

As you can see all past prices of the product and you can analyze the price history like how much time it has a low price, and you can improve in your decision.

If the price dropped in 2 months ago, then it has a high chance it drops again and you can buy it at a lower price. The best tool, everyone has to use this.

4 . Droplist

This feature is like the Wikibuy Price drop alert. You can get an alert when the price of a particular product drops.

You need to open the product page then click on honey icon and select stores, then it will notify when it see fluctuations in price.

So, these four tools will help to enhance your shopping experience by saving money online.

All tools are worth for every online shopper.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Honey

It is an important part because here we expose many pros and cons.

Let’s see some advantages first….


  • Easy to use, just sign up process requires
  • Saves your time to search manual coupons online
  • All features are free
  • Support almost every browser
  • Support 30,000 stores
  • Transparent privacy settings
  • Helps you to get cashback
  • Honey gold for more cashback


  • Takes more information
  • Honey gold work only on limited stores

These is some advantages and disadvantages for those who want to know about honey.

As now you know many things about honey let’s see where you can use this beautiful app while shopping.

Where you can use Honey?

As I said it works with 30,000+ stores online, it means almost every big store in every area like cloth shopping sites, service shopping sites.

  1. Amazon
  2. Wallmart
  3. Flipkart
  4. Papa John’s
  5. Nike
  6. Nordstrom
  7. Expedia
  8. Finish line
  9. Etc.

At it supports many sites, as for me I used this with Amazon, Flipkart, GoDaddy, etc.

The tools are very impressive for me.

Which is the Best?

After we see every aspect of both extensions and now we have to choose a winner from Wikibuy vs Honey.

And on the basis of my experience with the addition of reviews, I see online I choose Honey as a winner.


Then, remember honey supports 30,000+ stores worldwide, and now PayPal is a parent company of Honey. so we can expect many improvements in the future.

Also, it is trusted by 17+ million users, you can’t ignore the userbase.

So, this is my decision. You can choose which is the best extension by gaining your own experience.

But if you have any dough but then I have a suggestion.

Install both extensions and analyze how they perform and choose which suits you.


Now, I am sure you now choose which extension is perfect for you.

This comparison of Wikibuy vs Honey is superb and I provided lots of important information. And in the future, I am going to share many comparisons with you.

You can support my work by sharing this comparison with your friends and family. I also shared a lot of cool information on my site check this out.

Good day for you.

Whats better Honey or WikiBuy?

After comparison between Honey vs Wikibuy (I measured many aspects and compared both extensions) I can say that Honey is the best money saver for you and also for me. In many aspects Honey beats wikibuy. And In my opinion also Honey is best for finding coupons, saving money and for low price alerts.

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