YouTube Kids – Spy on your Kids on Digital format.

YouTube Kids – Spy on your Kid’s.

YouTube Kids New idea for Children’s is the topic for today, in today time YouTube is the number one platform where most of the people visits and see videos daily. I also love to watch daily Videos on YouTube and I enjoy these videos too much. Most of the people having their own choices to see Videos like some people love to watch Food videos and some are love science Video so everyone having own interests. On YouTube billions of people visits daily it means that Everyone is watching videos from a 10-year-old student to 50-year-old adults.
YouTube Kids - Spy on your Kid's.
On YouTube, every age people comes but on YouTube, most of the videos are for adults means Science, facts, mysterious, computer related. These Videos are for College students or any workers because this is very knowledgeable Videos and only people can understand. For kids below 10 years having enough content but while watching this Videos some other videos come for this problem YouTube find the different idea to kids.
This is the main reason why Google started YouTube Kids platform. In YouTube Kids app the new version introduces where all Content is only for kids like a cartoon, Learning Videos this is very useful for the child. All the control is handling a parent so child only sees what parents want to see.

YouTube Kids for Parental Controls.

As heading suggest YouTube Kids give a parental control Feature in YouTube Kids app it is obvious that in normal YouTube app it is difficult to add Parental Control Feature but Now you YouTube kids give a Parental Control Feature which is very useful for who having below 10 years old child.
YouTube Kids - Spy on your Kid's.
The YouTube Kids launched because many parents want to give the best knowledge in the form of cartoon lessons because of the popular request the app is launched and also it getting a big response from people.
I download the app from play store and I am impressed with the log in a procedure like YouTube having more care about children’s. I explained a sign-up process at the last, so sign up process ask everything like child age by age YouTube suggest a Channel or content.

YouTube Kids Features

YouTube Kids - Spy on your Kid's.
1. Interference:
The interference is simple for kids like a child can easily watch shows. Because of simple UI, the app is helpful to Children.
2. Tabs for different categories:
I like this feature most by using this tabs Children’s can watch different Videos in new categories like in the app four tabs are given in first tab new updated shows will be shown like cartoon animation and in second tab music related Videos available the music is only for kids.
And the third tab is for learning this is very good for Children’s because parents can lock other tabs and only unlock the Learning tab so the kid can only watch learning related Videos. And the last tab is Explore where a kid can watch any type of Video.
3. Timer:
This is also the best Feature to the management of time, the timer Feature set a specific time to watch videos like if parent set a timer after time the app automatically closed.
So if you are a parent then I suggest you download YouTube Kids app for your children great future. If you like this article then share with your friends and family.
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